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Trousseau presents a new timeless collection inspired by everyday modern living
#BeforeBedwithTrousseau concept explores bedtime habits

Present in thousands of family households, Trousseau, one of the largest and most prestigious Brazilian bed and bath brands with over 25 years in business, presents an innovative collection inspired by life’s special moments. Trousseau aims to transform life’s simple moments into meaningful, everlasting memories. To develop this new concept Trousseau dove deep into understanding bedtime habits and focused on creating enhanced memories instead of just products. Considering what families talk about and contemplate on together before going to bed was the foundation of this collection. “We live in a moment in which time is synonymous to luxury. A luxury which can be accessible to anyone. From this observation we came up with the concept ‘Before Bed with Trousseau’, in which we highlight the best moments before going to sleep,” says Trousseau’s co-founder Romeu Trussardi Neto. Before Bed with Trousseau paved way for a new collection in bed, bath, petit, loungewear and the brand’s premier line “White Luxury”. Neutral tones, impeccable textures, and lavish details make this collection one of a kind. “We invited some of our close friends whom we admire to talk about their bedtime rituals and what they do during this special moment,” explains Adriana Trussardi, co-founder of Trousseau. One of a kind prints identify each of the five lines within the collection: Optyque, Ladybird, Bouquet, Romance and Legno. This unique assortment of styles composes a timeless collection perfect for those enjoying that special moment before bed.

About the collection

Stunning tones of green, pistachio, brown, and light beige along with prints inspired by nature, greenery, flowers and animals make up this new collection. These new details are presented in sheets, pillows, towels and other products that compose the collection.


This contemporary print seen on the runways of major fashion brands marks a presence in this collection. The name Legno means “wood” and the tones reference the texture and surface of tree trunks. Inspired by pine trees in the Italian Dolomites, the print resembles a microscopic look of the gauze-like texture. The accessories are brown, beige, and navy perfect for those who love contemporary design.


Geometric shapes in grays and whites combine to make a modern print. The name Optyque references artist Gaudi’s abstract work using lines and symmetry. Black, grey and blue accessories break this monochromatic color scheme.


This line is replete with flowers in different tones and delicate nuances throughout the length and height of each piece of fabric. This approach is feminine and young, yet modern. It reflects the charming and vivacious gardens of Paris. The accessories come in green and beige solids, complementing the floral prints.


This delicate and refined print features stylized flowers and ladybugs on beautiful foliage. A combination of florals and geometric designs in hunter green create a strong resemblance to nature. The accessories are composed in similar colors to complement the prints.


Romance is the most feminine and charming prints of all. This delicate theme draws inspiration from Japanese landscape. The colors are soft and neutral and the pieces feature pink embroidery combined with green and beige. The accessories are solid and elegant.

About Trousseau

Adriana and Romeu Trussardi founded Trousseau in 1991. Trousseau is one of the most prestigious brands in its segment, noted for its supreme quality, textiles, and exquisite details. In addition to luxury products, the brand focuses on providing personalized service and beautiful design elements for their clients’ home. Today, Trousseau has points of sale in 250 locations, 19 owned stores, and their first location in the United States in Miami, Florida at Brickell City Centre. They are also online at and

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