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Winter 2018 Collection

Trousseau presents Winter 2018

Adriana and Romeu Trussardi Neto present the new Winter 2018 collection: Trousseau Special Moments. Inspired by the brand’s DNA, this innovative concept reflects Trousseau’s intrinsic lifestyle which, among other attributes, aims to provide unique experiences. The campaign was photographed in the homes of clients and friends of the brand and brings a little of each individual to the concept of what makes a moment truly special.

"The launch of every collection is special to us, but this one brings a touch that makes us even more proud: to see Trousseau embedded within the lifestyle of our customers, each with their own way of enjoying the best in life. It is an honor and a privilege to realize how Trousseau contributes to a more attractive daily life for all the people we admire, "says Adriana Trussardi. Also for winter 2018, “Trousseu Petit”, created under the “Special Moments” concept, is aimed at children from 0 to 4 years and presents new items of crib sheet sets, party clothes, day-to-day wear and nightwear for girls and boys. To close winter 2018, the “Everywear” line is refreshed with pieces that make up exclusive everyday looks.

The palette of neutral color tones was the main inspiration for the creation of ten winter 2018 ranges: “Camelia, Casimiro, Celeste, Luna, Velluto, Monaco, Torino, Ginevra, Lausanne and Madreperla”, all of which delicately follow similar cuts and finishes of the fabrics and lightness of the textures. All sets include sheets, cushion covers, blankets and bedspreads, made with Italian cotton fabric. The fabrics also have the patented Dream Touch treatment.


The exuberant beauty of the Camellia flower served as inspiration for this line, which subtly traverses romanticism. Our seasonal floral touch brings neutral tones, along with the promise of ensuring quiet sleep both during urban nights and calm countryside days.

The soft touch of Italian cotton provided by the patented Dream Touch treatment is the perfect invitation to lose a few extra hours in bed. The details make all the difference: the exquisite finishing in point ajour stitching, the cushion with cornelli embroidery (hand-stitched that resembles the texture of a painting) and the warm blankets of jacquard knit and baby alpaca wool in shades of beige and ivory.


An ethereal daintiness, found only in the most beautiful of dreams, prevails within each strand of the FORESTA collection, drawing from nature its elegantly faded patterns. Subtle tones suggest romantic feminism, yet remain contemporary, enriched by joyful themes (without being extravagant). With a flock of beautiful birds - a freshness that further enriches the collection - Foresta is complemented by a range of sea-greens, grays, light beiges and antique roses. The accessories are printed with elegant hues imagined from flower petals and other types of foliage. A true forest grove textured with an almost cloud-like quality for a thousand and one happy nights - and many more.

Poppy Fields

The Casimiro line suggests cosiness - both through its soft touch with the patented Italian Cotton Dream Touch treatment, as well as its checked Chambray patterns, which remind us of the comfortable feeling of cashmere.

The composition of the signature design with shades of gray, moss green and black give a contemporary touch to the home, while the accessories add extra charm to the decor. The classic “rolotê“ stitching brings perfect balance to the line.


Stripes are a timeless standard, and with the Celeste line they feature in a harmonious shade of blue, inspired by frozen winter landscapes. Comfort and warmth are communicated through the soft touch of Italian cotton, which undergoes the patented Dream Touch treatment. Throughout the details, velvety fabrics and jacquard are colored with terracotta, proposing an escape from the obvious for those who are attracted by a different look. The combination of colors and textures emphasizes the best of both classic and modern, that go hand in hand throughout the range, guaranteeing both perfect decoration and sleep.


Luna is an invitation to contemplate twilight: the classic floral motif is revisited in a soft palette, inspired by the subtle tones that reveal themselves as moonlight arrives. This romantic and dreamy theme is unraveled through the ultra-soft texture of the patented Italian cotton Dream Touch treatment for a quiet and invigorating night. In the detail, the rich and handmade cornelli embroidery is contrasted against the smooth accessories in an interesting game of composition. The romanticism and femininity of the finishing completes the line.


Surprising details permeate the Velluto line, inspired by the indescribable touch and beauty of velvet. The soft Italian cotton fabric, treated with the patented Dream Touch process, reveals a delicate jacquard effect, which brings a certain special spark to a classical finish. In the accessories, the contrast of light and dark tones enriches the look, making the bed even more beautiful and inviting.


Classic and flawless: named after the principality situated in the south of France, the Monaco line is based on subtlety and excellence. Made of extra-long Italian cotton fabric fibers, it has an ultra-soft and smooth touch. Its sophisticated finish, a blue-atlantic border with pearl strands, creates an elegant and timeless look. Cashmere blankets complete the decor with a warm and comforting texture.


The mountainous landscape of Italian Piedmont, whose capital is Torino, inspires this timeless range in white and light gray. The classical finishing in point ajour stitching, is the result of delicate work, conveying every care and refinement of this line. Made from extra-long Italian cotton fibers, it has an ultra-soft and smooth touch. The décor becomes even more exquisite with jacquard-effect accessories.


This line is romantically adorned with traditional historic embroidery from the savoir-faire of St. Gallen, a Swiss town surrounded by the Alps. The choice of this exclusive lace restores the aesthetics of European royalty, who ordered similar pieces from the region for their houses. In extra-long Italian cotton fibers, the set has an ultra-soft and smooth touch. The bedding is enriched by an inviting combination of textures with embroidered cushions and cashmere blankets.


The town on the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland, surrounded by vineyards and mountains, gives the name to this line. Made with extra-long Italian cotton fibers, Lausanne brings a bold signature style to the home environment. Inspired by decorative fabrics, it has a modern, elegant and refined Jacquard geometric effect in ivory tones. The Courmayeur blanket refines the arrangement by adding the warmth that every bed requires.


The mother-of-pearl shell lends its charm and beauty to the delicate print of this range. The cotton percale fabric made in Italy has a soft touch for a calm and restful sleep, while the green and gray palette brings a contemporary look to the décor. The handmade plissé finish provides a discreet romantic touch. In the details, the Italian cashmere and ribbed knit blankets form an irresistible pair, both for a bedroom arrangement or a cozy afternoon on the sofa.