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Collection 2018/2019

Trousseau presents 2018/2019 Collection

Every year, Trousseau is committed to introduce something new and unexpected. So we are incredibly pleased to present a surprise element in our latest collection. Although different to our normal approach, it continues to be in-line with the latest trends. Every day we receive new clients who heard about our brand through their parents or even grandparents. This is how we look after both our clients and our brand: with constantly refreshed products that not only delight old friends, but also garner new fans. Our contemporary savoir-faire and the consistency of our values are guaranteed for everyone – Trousseau always focuses on quality, comfort and a lifestyle that is oriented towards well-being.


We live on a planet inhabited by almost 8 billion people, most of whom remain constantly connected through technological marvels that fit in the palm of our hand and are - like us - sensitive to touch. Greek mythology of old has become Instagram of today: the social network functions as a window into one's life. The global village envisioned in the last century by communication genius Marshall McLuhan has taken root: we are many, we are alike, and we are interconnected. In the fast-paced existence in which we live, time has become our greatest luxury – trying to create free time for our future can consume all of our energy in the present. We spread our own image across social media and are ceaselessly bombarded in the same way by a visual symphony 24-7. What is the true essence of this brave new world? In search of the legitimate self, we have launched the #True_Selfie tag - a campaign that extols the truth behind social networks, highlighting individuals and shedding light on personal elements such as comfort, warmth and peace. These are in turn reflected in Trousseau’s products via scenes that ooze soft contemporary references, depicting everyday life with love, joy, happiness, lightness and a touch of escapism. After all, disconnecting can be the only way to reconnect. In the quest for the perfect selfie or ideal social media post, the true essence of humanity will be captured through the lenses of photographers, a parade of everyday life, with no posing.

Forest of Dreams

An ethereal daintiness, found only in the most beautiful of dreams, prevails within each strand of the FORESTA collection, drawing from nature its elegantly faded patterns. Subtle tones suggest romantic feminism, yet remain contemporary, enriched by joyful themes (without being extravagant). With a flock of beautiful birds - a freshness that further enriches the collection - Foresta is complemented by a range of sea-greens, grays, light beiges and antique roses. The accessories are printed with elegant hues imagined from flower petals and other types of foliage. A true forest grove textured with an almost cloud-like quality for a thousand and one happy nights - and many more.

Poppy Fields

The Trousseau pantone gets to play with the disconcerting beauty of poppies. Usually red, poetic license allows the leafy prints in our collections to take on yellow and beige tones, a charm that resembles the Old Continent, but also could fit anywhere in the world - especially in your home. This small twist on the original hue is due to good reason (and excellent scenery): these colors refer to the late afternoon tones of the flowery fields found in the beautiful FERRARA commune, flowing over the stunning landscapes of Emilia Romagna, northern Italy.

All the blues of the sea

If the cinema has shown us that blue is the warmest color, the COSTIERA collection combines the blues of the sea with the white palette of the hillside in one of nature's most harmonious combinations. It will catch your eye and make you lose your breath, similar to how we felt by the Malphine Coast that inspired us, as it will your bed. Geometric designs in stripes and plaids coordinate in a modern and practically "chameleonic" way, which guarantee a fresher, contemporary and intriguing feel to the bedroom. The pillowcases, duvet and bedspread are double-faced, which makes it possible to change the look of the design at your pleasure. And as you can never have too much versatility, Trousseau presents two different concepts: one with blue accessories and the other combining the orange tones of typical Mediterranean fruits.

For everything (and everyone)!

This collection is inspired by one of the most coveted destinations on the world map, the Greek archipelago, along with textures of the parasol - so typical of the Peloponnesian islands - with its fifty shades of graded gray. Trousseau’s design makes it possible to arrange two groups of accessories: one with a more sober, masculine attitude - gray upon gray; and another with a good squeeze of Sicilian lemon yellow and other citrus fruits that symbolize Mediterranean Summer – wrapping your dreams in paradisiacal landscapes.

Footprints in the sand

The name of this collection already expresses its inspiration: SABLE, which in French means “sand”. Hence a purer neutral concept in classic beige tones that supports timelessness both in the home and in life, without losing the values of quality, excellence and absolute comfort that form the basis of Trousseau products. This great design is also present in the detail, for example the top sheet, which contains an elegant combination of diamonds and other small geometric shapes. The antique rose accessories accentuate the romantic and feminine feeling of the collection.

Trousseau White Luxury

Trousseau combines beauty, comfort and durability in its prestigious White Luxury range. The pinnacle of good taste and refinement is embodied within the noblest collection of the brand, taken from the delicate texture of pure cashmere and baby alpaca wool. White Luxury: Allow yourself to indulge.

Sleep with the angels

Specially created for those who enjoy a style that while classic, is also timeless and contemporary, the ORVIETO collection fits like a glove - or like tailor-made bedding - without going out of style. Traditionally white, this line introduces embroidered diamonds and other geometric shapes taken from the facade of the Cathedral of Orvieto, in the region of Umbria, between the Apennines mountains (a beautiful Italian postcard view). Your most wondrous dreams are guaranteed, and the angels will be near.

A Rare jewel

You may have noticed how the wonders of nature, from botany to minerals, fuel the concept of the Trousseau 2019 collection throughout. This includes precious gems. RUBINO, for example, reflects the intense red ruby, one of the most valuable and personable jewels. To finish your bed with the classic and exclusive elegance that inspired this special line, the embroidery of small gem shapes accentuate the delicately noble gesture of this look.

The bed of royalty

The birth of one of the most celebrated monarchies in history - and, at the same time, pop culture, was thanks to Grace Kelly’s marriage to the blue-blooded Rainier III, in the Principality of Monaco in southern France. This inspiration brings a world of royal luxury and sophistication to the beds of a few through the exclusivity of Trousseau. The Italian cotton satin embroideries that border the pieces practically frame the set like a work of art, making you feel embraced by royalty.

The spice of life

With inspiration exported from Italy to the rest of the world, this collection has been carefully designed for those who feel connected to our modern ear and interested in the most cosmopolitan movements, without being swayed by seasonal fads. Here the embroidery subtly refers to the areas of SALINA, blocks of salt typically found on the island of Sicily where salt is still extracted traditionally by hand. This is just how the many lengths of fabric - with their thousands of threads - are treated with the right seasoning in the workshops of Trousseau.